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Avet McCast "Magged" fishing reels




Avet MXL 6/4 McCast fishing reel

Above: Avet MXL 6/4 McCast "Magged" Reel

Every one of us that uses casting reels has experienced an overrun or birdnest at one time or another. Some more often the others.
Avet has the solution, their new McCast "magged" series of reels. They have engineered a 5 position magnetic spool control that effectively slows the spool at just the right moment to avoid the dreaded birdnest.

Adjustable with 5 positions, the reel can be set for light to heavy weights. We have tested and many of our customers have also referred to this as astonishingly spot on. Casting great distances with no overruns, truly amazing technology

This system is available on all Avets from the SX up to the HX sizes. Obviously on the trolling series Pro 30 and larger it would not be practical

When you are viewing our various offerings, you will be able to order these in the same colors as the standard reels. The left handed versions are also available