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Avet Reels

 Avet reels , since their introduction in 2001, have literally taken over the all metal, fishing reel market. Producing models to fish all weight classes and types, they have a reel for every type of fishing, whether it be light saltwater, to pursuing the monsters of the deep. Quite simply, Avet produces some of the very best fishing reels in the world

 The owners, two brothers, both avid fishermen and first rate machinists have made a huge impact on the fishing reel industry worldwide. A family owned business, they employ their wives and many family members in their Chatsworth , California manufacturing plant

Employing innovative user friendly design features, superb engineering, the finest materials available, they created a line of reels that is heads up better than the competition. They designed and built reels using the philosophy of "We will build them as our customers would if they could"

Presently their facilites, located in Chatsworth, California,  are in excess of 20,000 sq ft with over 30 Multi Axis, CNC routers to manufacture their components.
Their innovative designs sparked a design and engineering revolution within the reel industry, thus 
The Avet brand is recognized worldwide as the leader in quality fishing reels.
Currently they are one of the leading fishing reel manufacturers in the world.

Their models include:
All lever drag reels, all 6061-T aluminum construction

SX a 12-20 lb light saltwater/freshwater casting machine
SXJ, a narrow spool version of the SX
MXL 20-25 lb reel
MXJ 20-25 lb reel
JX    30 lb Jigging reel
LX    30 lb trolling reel (wide JX model)
HX    40 lb
HXJ  40 lb Jigging reel
HXW 40 lb Trollng reel

SX Raptor- all Raptors have dual drag discs
MX Raptor
MXJ Raptor
JX Raptor
LX Raptor
HXJ Raptor
HX Raptor
HXW Raptor

Pro EX30 International 30 size
Pro EX30W Wide International 30 size
Pro EX 50 SDS International 50 size
Pro EX50W International 50 wide reel
Pro EX80W
Pro 80 3 speed

T-RX 30W 80lb drag system
T-RX 50 topless , 100 lb drag system
T-Rx 50W , 100 lb  drag system


Most models available in single and 2 speed models, 5 colors choices and a left handed version of each.

Avet Industries main facility